About Joei

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Joei DeRosa. I am the Founder and CEO of Xnfluence. I started this company because of my fascination with the abilities the human mind is truly capable of. You see, we all have the ability to influence reality with our minds. I am committed to awakening this great power and helping others do the same.


Growing up, I wanted to be extraordinary. I was into video games and cartoons, and wanted to have magical powers like all the different characters. There were times I got picked on in school and when I got home I fantasized about wreaking havoc on my bullies using these powers. Basically, I wanted to be anything but ordinary. However, as time went on, I eventually just wanted to fit in with the other kids. I wanted to be one of the cool kids and be admired and loved by all the other kids, especially the girls. I wanted to do things such as wear Nike clothing, listen to rap, hip hop, and reggae because it was considered cool, etc. There was a time I even wanted to be a movie star because of how everyone seems to look up to them and how they get all the girls.

Like most people, I was sold on the idea that doing well in school would guarantee success in life. I always liked money because of how it could buy so much wonderful stuff, and I was told by my parents and my teachers that if I wanted to have a high paying career and make lots of money, I had to do well in school and get good grades. When I was in 8th grade, a guidance counselor from the local vocational school spoke at my school about cooperative education, or co-op, which is a program that allows students who do well in school to begin earning money their senior year from their profession. Because of this I applied to the Voc during 8th grade. I picked Electrical Technology as my shop because my father told me that electricians make a lot of money. Later on, I learned about Electrical Engineering and how they not only make even more money than electricians, but they also work from behind a computer in a comfortable office enviornment, designing electrical circuitry. I knew that I liked working with computers. Therefore, I decided that I would first become a licensed electrician and then use the money from this job to pay for college to become an electrical engineer. This became my ultimate goal.

During Summer 2002, I thought about my passion for video games. I thought about my lifelong desire to be like the characters in all my favorite video game series and TV shows, how I wanted to go on an epic adventure and save the world from the forces of evil like they did, and how I wanted to have extraordinary powers like them. The fascination with these powers as well as the paranormal was inspired mainly by the game Golden Sun, a game about characters called adepts who wield a power called Psynergy and use it to accomplish things such as telekinesis, mind reading, and weather manipulation. So what I did was I began to do research into the field of metaphysics in order to figure out how to develop these powers in real life. At the same time, I also thought about how cool it would be to create my own successful video game series. I wanted to create something that would go on to become massively successful, like how Pokemon was in the late 90s when it first came out. I wanted the characters from my game to join the ranks of other successful video game icons such as Mario and Donkey Kong. This was my dream. You see, video games were always my true passion, even more so than computers and technology, and unlike electrical engineering or any other type of traditional job, I could actually become wealthy with my own video game series. So I made a decision to work on creating a video game while supporting myself with a high paying job as either an electrician or an electrical engineer.

I entered my senior year in high school. I looked forward to my senior year because it was the year I could finally go on co-op and start making money. I was all ready to begin making money as an electrical apprentice. Unfortunately, since I didn't have a car, I could not go on co-op, even though I worked hard in school. To me, this was an outrage. For years I was promised that if I did well in school, I was guaranteed success. Even those who didn't do well in school got to go on co-op as long as they had a car. I was devastated. No co-op job just because I didn't have a car? Throughout high school I was trying to find a part time job so that I could save up to buy a car, but couldn't find one. All that hard work of doing well in school, FOR NOTHING!!

After graduating from high school, I finally found a part time job at UPS as a package handler. By this time I had given up on trying to find work as an electrician or electrical engineer. I decided that I could work at UPS while still working on my video game. I figured, why waste money trying to save up for a car just to work at another job when my ultimate goal was to create a successful video game series and become wealthy from doing what I truly love? Then I could go ahead and purchase a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. So what I did was I spent time playing the most popular video games in order to gain inspiration and insight into what makes a video game successful. Unfortunately I had no real plan of action and didn't know how I was going to go about making a game. So I just kept going through life playing video games hoping for inspiration to come along.

One day, an old friend from elementary school invited me to go to a company event in Connecticut. I was told that the President and Founder of the company were both looking for sharp, ambitious people who wanted to make some money and that positions were filling up fast. At the time I was looking for another source of income so naturally I went to the event. As soon as I showed up, I immediately fell in love with the company, known as IXP at the time. The people were full of energy and ambition as though they were on this epic mission to take over the world, the girls were hot, the people made me feel special and really wanted to help me out, and so I felt a sense of belonging. These people were far superior in quality compared to the people I hung out with in the past, mainly because they were positive to me and it felt good to be around people like that. I was also in love with the fact that I could make as much money as I want and get rich. You see, IXP was a network marketing company, meaning that one could make money not only from selling IXP's product, known as Voice-over Internet Protocol, which is internet telephone, but from recruiting others to do the same and making a small amount of money from their sales as well. Everything about the event, about the people, about how they talked about how nothing in life is impossible, and about the company was aligned with my underlying desire to do something extraordinary in the world. It felt as if joining IXP would be like becoming a party member in a video game. Because of all this, it became in my best interest to do something big in the company, to become its top producer, to take the company to the next level, and to become famous and admired in the company for doing so. I even decided to put my goal of creating my own successful video game series on the back burner to focus on moving up in this company.

And so that is what I set out to do. I got started in IXP, went to all the meetings and trainings, and learned the basics. I was told to make a list of names and numbers of all the people I knew. I called everyone I knew and invited them to see the company's presentation. I set up one on one appointments at Dunkin Donuts in which my upline would show my guest the presentation via laptop. A majority of the people I invited "flaked out", meaning they did not show up to the appointment or opportunity meeting I had invited them to. None of the people that actually DID show up to see the presentation got started with me, and a few of them even laughed at me. I was told to not let any of that stuff get to me, that it happens to everyone in this business, so I simply brushed it off. I focused on my "why", which is my reason for doing the business, kept on persisting, and was initially excited.

However, all of the failures at getting people started in the business began to catch up with me emotionally. As I kept trying to build my business, I slowly became more and more depressed, especially since it seemed everyone else but me was moving up in the company. Everyone else's guests showed up to the events. Everyone else's friends and family got started in the business. Everyone else was being recognized on stage. Everyone else was making money. Everyone but me. Everyone but Joei DeRosa. It got to the point where it felt like I would never move forward in the company. I would never be noticed, no matter what I did or how hard I tried. I even became suicidal because of these increased failures and how everyone else but me seemed to be doing well.

So out of my greatest despair, I did what a lot of other people would do in my situation. I cried out in hope that someone would come along and feel sorry for me. The way I did it was by disappearing on everyone during a company event in Cincinnati, Ohio. Everyone became worried about where I was at. It felt good that everyone was showing their love and support for me. I even went on to tell Dennis Wong (the main speaker at that event) about my suicidal tendencies. In a very warm manner, he placed his hand on my shoulder, told me that suicide is never the answer, that life is beautiful and that I should relax and enjoy it. You see, when it seems that all hope is lost, when it feels like the sky is falling and the whole world is caving in on you and ONLY you, the next best thing is to throw a pity party and get as many people as possible to join. Because of the attention I was getting, I was able to get up and try again for a little while. However, after going through more attempts at building the business, I was still unable to make any money and move forward. I became depressed again and spent time staying home, lying in bed suicidal. This cycle of self-pity, having everyone feel sorry for me only to become depressed yet again kept going on for years to come.

I could never understand. Why is it some people just can't seem to move forward in life, no matter how hard they try? My whole time in IXP has been a horrendous cycle of trying to find a job that would allow me to make it to all the meetings, finding time to go out and market in order to build the business, and worst of all, having to deal with the depression of remaining stuck no matter how hard I tried while everyone else in the company seemed to move ahead of me, which only made me feel disheartened. So I spent an extended period of time lying in bed trying to figure out why I even bother to keep coming back despite all the failure.

And then it dawned on me. My whole life, I did well in school, was labeled as one of the smart kids, was good at math, and loved working with computers and technology. Therefore, why not become an inventor for yor.com, earning royalties every time someone would buy a product or service based on one of my inventions, while all the other reps go out and market my inventions as well as build their teams. It would be like having the whole entire company under me, and so I'd be earning residual income off the whole company. Plus I'd be helping not only my upline and Team Massachusetts but the company as a whole, and so I would be receiving admiration from the whole entire company for helping them all out this way. So basically I would be focusing on developing my strengths and passion instead of wasting time on my weaknesses.

And so I went back to school, not for the degree, but to obtain the knowledge I needed to begin working on whatever invention ideas I came up with. I absorbed knowledge in areas such as math, engineering, computer science, and electronics. Later on, the company launched health & nutrition and became known as YOR Health. At first I was disappointed that the company stopped selling VoIP because my passion was in technology. However, I still kept studying in my chosen field with the hope that the company would expand into different fields and begin specializing in technology again in the future. As I began to obtain the knowledge I needed, I came up with a wide range of invention ideas, such as internet service in your contact lens, a flying hovercar that can go up to 10000 mph, and even a miracle drug that could make you stay young and live forever. Basically, my ultimate goal was to transform my network marketing company into an all-powerful supernetwork through the marketing of these revolutionary new inventions. I had absolutely no limitations whatsoever. I was finally on course to achieve the things I wanted in life.

In December of 2008, YOR Health met with an unfortunate fate. Dave Hong, a well loved person in the company for his selflessness who worked on many different projects, passed away. Apparently he was at a nightclub with some friends and wanted to see the DJ. He got excited, ran up the stairs to the 2nd floor, and jumped over a railing to get to the DJ room faster, thinking it was a shortcut. Unfortunately he fell twenty feet through a false ceiling and died later in the hospital from internal injuries. Anyway, inspired by Dave Hong's death, I decided that one of my inventions would be a way to bring the dead back to life. I really wanted to make everyone happy again. I also realized that I could bring my mother back to life, who died of a stroke when I was only twelve years old. I also thought about all the people throughout time who have died unfair deaths, such as those who died in the September 11 attacks. I thought about all the children who have lost parents in tragic events and now have to go through life with the pain and sadness of growing up without a mother/father. I thought about the movie The Land Before Time when Littlefoot lost his mother to a T-Rex attack as well as the movie The Lion King when Simba lost his father Mufasa to Scar killing him. Not only that, but I realized that I happen to be so close to my father that if anything ever happened to him, I would be so sad and broken down that I most likely wouldn't even have the will to go on living. At this point in time, I formed the belief that, because of the unfair tragedy of death, life is a scam. I felt that it shouldn't be this way. I felt that the only way to "unscam" life would be to figure out how to bring the dead back to life. Since I viewed life as this big, grand video game, I saw death as the "final boss" of this game, and it was my mission in life to defeat it.

One day, I stopped by my upline's house in order to pick up some of the company's products I recently purchased from him. When I went to go pick up my products, I began telling him about all the crazy invention ideas I came up with so far. That's when he told me it took Dicqie Fuller, a doctor serving on the YOR Health scientific advisory board who specializes in enzyme therapy, a whopping 30 years not to mention an entire team of scientists just to invent a customized enzyme line for the company, so what chance would I have trying to come out with my "futuristic" invention ideas? Nevertheless, I kept persisting on obtaining the knowledge necessary to bring my invention ideas to life.

A couple of months later, I received a text message from my upline. It was about how I could make money in the business online due to our company releasing a video playlist. This playlist featured all of the top leaders giving their testimonials on what the company has done for them, and also contained a link to my YOR Health business homepage, which the viewer could click on to get started in my organization. It felt great because, deep down, I was beginning to grow impatient after a year of schooling, hearing about how everyone else was making money in the business while I was stuck in school, and studying math, physics, and technology began to grow boring. Plus the fact that it took Dr. Fuller 30 years of research to come up with customized enzymes for our company began to sink in. I went crazy with the playlist links, blasting them out to everybody on Myspace. I also got banned from Myspace since what I was doing was considered spam. However, I just created another Myspace account and kept on persisting. After several weeks of getting banned from Myspace again and again, I decided to give up.

I remembered how, before I was introduced to the company, I wanted to create my own video game series. By now I already had an idea for the game's story. I wanted to create a game based on how the people not only in YOR Health but in the entire network marketing industry are on a mission to take over the world and are rescuing people out of the evil corporate "Rat Race". I also wanted to add a twist - These people have the special ability to control reality with their thoughts, use it to get what they want in life, and recruit others to teach them this special power. I decided that I would market this game through the internet, through my own online business, and not as an invention for YOR Health. Building an online business seemed like the way to go for me. My intention was to make my video game series the next big thing, and once my company grew to a high enough level, I could bring in scientists and inventors to invent revolutionary new products and services for my company, including a way to bring the dead back to life. I decided to finally quit YOR Health once and for all and that making money online and growing an online business while working on my video game was the way to go.

I tried a whole bunch of ways to make money online. I took online surveys. I sold on eBay. I submitted articles in order to earn advertising revenue. I tried selling affiliate products by writing for Squidoo. Of all the online money making ventures I went through, I found the most luck with an article directory site called eHow. That's how I decided to go full time into article submission. I knew that in order to become successful at making money online you have to focus on what you're passionate about. And so I wrote articles on things I was passionate about, mostly to do with video gaming. I educated myself on SEO (search engine optimization). For me SEO was the most effective way of getting traffic to my articles, which of course meant more clicks on Google Adsense ads and more money for me.

As I was earning money on eHow, I also thought about how cool it would be if my video game series taught others how to develop the power to control reality, IN REAL LIFE. I figured that it would be a great selling tool and would definitely make my game the next big thing. I mean, who wouldn't want to have the power to control reality with their thoughts and be able to use it to obtain their desires? I would be inventing a whole new industry, the reality control industry. I remembered doing research in the field of metaphysics a while back because I wanted to have these powers. Unfortunately, everything I tried back then didn't work out. However, I decided to try researching again because I wasn't about to give up so easily. That was when I learned about techniques such as the Pendulum Technique and Cloud Bursting Technique as ways to begin developing this power (check out the page About Xnfluence for more details). With the success of these techniques as well as my success at earning money with eHow, it seemed like things were beginning to work out.

Unfortunately, eHow got bought out by Demand Media, making article submission more of a hassle. Submitting articles to eHow was already difficult with all of the article submission bugs on the site. When Demand Media took over, it gave writers no choice but to submit articles through Demand Studios instead of directly through eHow. This put a serious limitation on how I could write my articles, what keywords I could use and where to place them, etc. Not only that, but articles submitted through Demand Studios had to undergo an approval process. This meant that my articles would remain in a "pending" status for several days before either being approved, returned to me for a rewrite, or outright rejected. What's more, I was only allowed to submit one article at a time. I could not submit another article until the previous one was no longer in pending mode. At that rate, I would NEVER reach my income goals in time. I then switched to Bukisa, another article submission site. However, I didn't get the results I got with eHow, and I even submitted more articles than I did with eHow/Demand Studios.

After my failure to make money with Bukisa, I finally came to a point in time where every single thing I've ever done to move up in life has failed miserably. However, I was still determined to create my video game based on controlling reality and have it go on to become successful. That was when I decided to focus full time on developing my mind's power of reality control. Once I got results such as being able to perform telekinesis in public, I could then come up with a fun and original product that focuses on developing this incredible power, based on what worked for me so that others could duplicate my success, and once the product caught on and I was making a lot of money with it, I could expand it into a multimedia franchise, which would include a video game series.

Here are a list of reasons why I decided to focus on creating a product based on awakening the mind's power to control reality and why I am so fascinated with this sort of power.

  • Because I failed to move up in life, failed to get a girlfriend, got picked on, lost my mother, etc. Because of all this failure, I feel this feeling of powerlessness, frustration, depression, and the belief that life owes me. Therefore, I want to possess a sort of magical power that will empower me to finally achieve success in life.
  • Because I have this desire to want to have a sort of special extraordinary talent. It feels like everyone's got some sort of special talent but me.
  • Because I have this fascination with the power to influence reality (influenced by all my favorite video games, TV shows, and cartoons, mainly the Golden Sun video game series).
  • Because this sort of power has unlimited potential. This potential surpasses physical strength as well as technology.
  • Because the human mind has such great potential. It would be a shame to let it go to waste.
  • Because it's the one skill that can be utilized to obtain anything in life, no matter what it is or how big it is. I see awakening this power as becoming the next big thing because, who wouldn't want to have that type of power?
  • Because I also want to help others by empowering them with this extraordinary power.


And that is how I was inspired to start Xnfluence.