About Xnfluence


To awaken the human mind's unlimited potential and its power to influence reality


A world where everyone sees that all things are possible


Thank you for your interest in this site. You are probably wondering why I chose to name this website Xnfluence. Xnfluence is short for "extreme influence". You see, you have the power to "influence" the world around you to create the life you want. I created this website because I am passionate about unlocking this vast potential. I also want to help others do the same.

Here is an experiment for you. Take a pendulum hold the chain in between your thumb and index finger while resting your elbow on a flat surface so that the pendulum dangles in the air. Now, without moving your hand, your arm, or the chain, visualize the pendulum moving in a specific direction. This can be clockwise, counterclockwise, side to side, or back and forth. Whatever you do, DON'T move your arm or hand. Keep it still and just imagine it moving in the direction you want to go. What will happen after a while is it really WILL begin to move in that direction. Your subconscious mind is sending vibrations through your arm to move the pendulum. This is causing tiny muscular motion in your arm that you are usually not consciously controlling. This is called the ideomotor effect, and it's the same force which powers divination tools such as the Ouija board and dowsing rod. Consider this the "training wheels" of telekinesis. But wait. It doesn't have to stop there. Once you get good at controlling its direction, visualize the pendulum moving farther and farther in that direction. This is where your powers begin to increase. For this step, your ultimate goal here should be to make the pendulum swing so far that it hits your arm. Once you've accomplished that, begin to lessen your contact with the pendulum. Find something to hang it from and then lightly place your fingers on whatever it is the pendulum is hanging from. Then try to influence the direction it moves in. After you get good at that, your next step is to poke the pendulum with your finger in order to get some movement going (since an object in motion tends to stay in motion while an object at rest tends to stay at rest), then try to make it change direction with your mind. After you master that, you can finally try your luck at getting the pendulum to move with just your mind, without moving it physically at all. This is how you get to experience what real telekinesis feels like.

Want to witness even more of what your mind is capable of? Try this other experiment. Pick a day when there will be clouds in the sky. Please note that there must be blue sky that is visible. It cannot be completely cloudy out (at least not when you're first starting out). Now on that day, go outside or look out your window and observe the clouds. Find a cloud that you personally find special. It is recommended that you start out with a very small cloud if you are new to this experiment. Now focus on making that cloud disappear. Visualize the blue sky around it filling the space around the cloud. Imagine the sky "eating away" at the edges of your cloud. It is important that you have belief that it will happen. Remember, if you don't believe it will happen, then you will create the experience of it simply not happening. Eventually, with enough belief, the cloud will literally begin to vanish. By making the cloud disappear with your thoughts, you have just witnessed firsthand the power your mind (known as your "Xnfluence") has over the enviornment around you.

Now that you have seen for yourself a sample what the power of Xnfluence can do, it is up to you to build up your power. Keep practicing the power of Xnfluence until you are able to create whatever it is you want in life, no matter what it is or how big it is. That, my friend, is what Xnfluence is all about.